Quonset Designs

(sometimes referred to as Barrel-vault or Barrel-house) 

The Quonset design lends itself to elongated shapes for the maximum use of a rectangular footprint.  It is excellent for items such as vehicles and shelving storage.

Though the shape creates a structure that is not quite as strong as a dome due to lateral forces, it can be reinforced with trussing or walls at key intervals through the structure giving it comparable strength. 

It can incorporate other construction methods and design to give it far more character and functionality than standard Quonset designs.  An ideal use for this is to connect two large domes or being part of a larger dome assembly where the dome is made in two pieces with the Quonset between the two dome halves.

These structures are truly functional and incredibly fast to erect.  Faster than even a dome.  The manufacturing of the panels is also considerably faster and with less cost as there are no curved OSB pieces.  They are all straight.  Outside covering can be as simple as shingles and there is still massive headroom similar to a dome as there are minimal trusses and no interior load bearing walls required.

Add a carriage house to a Quonset designed elliptical garage to create garage and storage on the lower level and living quarters above.  This would be an ideal cost-effective way to produce lane-way housing becoming popular in many cities.

Lexa is alos offering a simple garden shed andgarages in the elliptical Quonset design.  The sheds have headroom, a moderate footprint and can be assembled in a few hours.

Here is a short list of Products ideally suited for the Quonset design:

  • Garden shed
  • Garages
  • Carriage homes
  • Lane-way housing
  • Farming machinery sheds
  • Agricultural storage sheds
  • Agricultural animal shelters and feeders
  • Municipal and industrial sheds
  • Golf course enclosures


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