Lexa Dome Homes is an ideal resource for altering your current home or business and adding some exciting new and different elements.  Use Lexa products to produce a very different look and feel to your current home.  Much of our “Home Building Process” and “How we do Business” is the same for renovations.  If the changes requires a Structural Engineer we can provide the necessary documentation and expertise. 

Consider a curved bay window with a partial dome overhead.  What about a room re-done with a domed cap added to the ceiling?  The panels are already an engineered truss system, so there is no need for additional supporting structures inside or out.  Have you ever wanted a curved wall in part of your house or considered a patio cover with half a dome cap? 

We have the technical and experienced hands-on personnel to do your renovation project.  Please review Services to assist in your renovation needs, everything from hanging a picture to wiring a home.  Contact us for some ideas before starting.

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