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Lexa has developed standard designed homes and cottages primarily for the mid-priced markets. These standard designs will reflect variety in basic finishing (exterior and interior), amenities, varying floor plans, and with some pre-determined costing, they can be quoted quickly. These structures are intended to be full turnkey or at least to lock-up. There are two basic sizes of cottages and homes all of which can be ordered with the different finishing options. They are all meant to have some real flexibility in overall finish yet still meet the ideal of a moderately-priced consumer product and comfortable living space for a small family. The cottage version will have floor plans more indicative of open environment and can have a more rustic feel. The cottages will still be finished as a house with full foundation, insulation, and dual pane windows to make them year-round structures. A kit version of small home is underway. Please ask.

Lexa has a full package of pre-designed plans and in some cases full products predesigned plansthat can be ordered on-line. We recommend that you either sign up for our newsletter or check back to our website regularly to view the status of these plans.

Customers are able to order these pre-engineered products directly, reducing the time and costs associated with design and site approvals. 

As the quality, type and in some cases the brand of the finishing materials change, they will be either included in the packaging from the company or sourced through local suppliers to reduce transportation costs

The current list of pre-designed plans:



We now offer our customers pre-engineered domes that are sold as a product much the same as pre-engineered trusses. These form the basis for custom homes and assist an architect in designing a home. The customer and architect can pick from the pre-engineered domes and save on costs for customization. These domes are stamped by a structural engineer and ready to go.

Feel free to order a dome.  Spherical or Elliptical

  • 15 ft diameter, about 180 sq feet.
  • 18 ft diameter, about 255 sq feet.
  • 20 ft diameter, about 315 sq feet on the ground floor and can accomodate a loft for an additional 175 sq feet.
  • 24 ft diameter, about 460 sq feet on the ground floor and up to 750 sq ft with a second floor. 
  • 26 ft diameter, about 532 sq feet on the ground floor and up to 960 sq ft with a second floor.
  • 30 ft diameter, about 705 sq feet on the ground floor and up to 1250 sq ft with a second floor.
  • 35 ft diameter, about 962 sq feet on the ground floor and up to 1600 sq ft with a second floor.
  • 40 ft diameter, about 1260 sq feet on the ground floor and up to 2200 sq feet with a second floor and up to 3000 sq feet with a third floor.


Pricing is dependent on quantity ordered,  material availability and region.

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