yogaMulti-Purpose dome structures are listed to stimulate a customer’s imagination.  They could be a combination of dome and curved wall designs and could fall into a similar design loop as custom homes.  Some may be nothing more than a renovation.   Houses could be adapted to accommodate a bed-and-breakfast by adding a small dome.  Adding curved walls and domed ceiling elements to existing houses now becomes much easier and far more economical.

multipurpose 1A lodge can be multiple interconnected domes and motels a series of small domes.  Kiosks, park washrooms and tourist centers can be made out of a single low cost dome that will easily fit into any park setting whether rustic or conventional.  Their natural shape will draw patrons to them.

Though these designs are likely custom, many of the standard sized products can be easily adapted into these.  These products can really go a long way in promoting the dome and curved wall theme.

  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Lodges and motels
  • Spiritual Centers
  • Yoga and Spa Centers
  • Kiosks and Park Washrooms
  • Tourist centers


multipurpose 2The following additional list is for products using very little or no sub-trades.  The designs will be according to the customer’s desires and can be easily developed in a very short period of time.  The basic product could consist of a supplied dome, a portion of a dome, or just panels in some cases.

  • Gazebo – A completely round gazebo with a dome roof of various sizes.
  • Roofs or covers on conventional stick frame buildings - Typically entranceways or partial domes over corner rooms, atriums or a courtyard in the center of a house.
  • Rounded walls – replace a wall in a stick frame home with a curved wall and a ceiling with a partial dome.


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