Laneway Housing

Lane-way housing has turned into the new catch phrase in larger cities wanting to increase population densities. Cities like Vancouver. Citizens are now able to turn some of the usable land on their property into rental accommodation. Though there are some rules in what these laneway houses should look like and what they need to offer, they can be easily identified in many cases as Carriage houses.

Carriage houses were primarily garage facilities on the first floor with living accommodations on the second. Think of the old movies with the chauffeur living above the garage. Carriage houses are not the only structure that can be used. In many cases the entire footprint can be a rental home creating a small and in some case slim two-story dwelling.

Lexa Dome Homes produces laneway housing in two quite different possibilities. The first is a dome itself. In the case of a dome, it is likely that the circular footprint might not be ideal for the particular land usage as the diameter will occupy the same length and width and not provide the square foot area of a rectangular building. The one advantage, however, is the fact that a second story in a dome is a very attractive possibility. Bedrooms, a den, bathroom and kitchen on the first floor, great room (living, family room) on the second floor. If a 24 or 26 foot diameter dome isn’t feasible, Lexa can provide a Quonset type structure.

The Quonset type structure is rectangular, providing a better use of a small land space. It can have garage or living facilities on the ground floor and still offer a large second floor area for a rental home. The upper floor will have the ambience of a curved ceiling and still providing more headspace and better use of floor space. Please review the Quonset design section for more info. The lane-way dome homes would be a 24 or 26-foot diameter dome being very similar to our cottage and small home products.

Lexa has spent a great deal of time reviewing all the pertaining documents, including guideline and rules regarding lane way housing in Vancouver BC. We meet all set criteria easily and can be very competitive in pricing.


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