Lexa Dome Homes Ltd. has Industrial Products, promoting products and ideas that are more associated with business and utility type structures that are not usually associated with homes.  Please review these products appearing below and if you have an interest please do not hesitate to ask about them.  




Many of these products have very little in sub-trade requirements therefore reducing the overall cost.  Simple cladding materials can be used for outside covering ans some will not require insulation.  In most situations a 2 x 4 inch wall can be used instead of a 2x 6 inch wall also reducing the cost.

They can be built as a Quonset product or a dome.  


  • Workshops - Create a work shop at home or on the job.
  • Planetariums - An ideal use for the dome is as a cost effective Planetarium.  A spherical dome makes an instant sky and a simple way to start a planetarium. 
  • Observatories-Add a telescope, and look into the heavens. 
  • Utility / garden shed - Create you own design.
  • Disaster relief domes - Either in Quonset or dome design we can create quick affordable simple housing for families or a large group. 
  • Agricultural storage – as a dome or Quonset small or large barn type building.
  • Government storage – for trucks, sand and salt or storage.  A wood dome is a natural cover for a cone pile of sand or salt.
  • Animal shelters - Horse shelters, paddocks, rings.
  • Park shelters – a dome ceiling with posts.
  • Outdoor storage – better in Quonset design but can be a dome as well.


There is a variety of products that can be built for the farming industry.  Many are loosely referred to in the above products but we we wanted to list them independently.

  • Full barns
  • Machine storage
  • Hay storage
  • Animal shelters
  • Silo covers
  • Sand, gravel and material shelters


Industrial applications of a dome and barrel designs

Silo covers                                                       dome

industrial equipment shelters                              barrel and dome

Road-side sand gravel and salt storage              barrel and dome

Single car garage                                              barrel

Double car garage                                            barrel

Garage with carriage house                               barrel

Storage shelters, various sizes                           barrel and dome

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