• Lexa currently has excellent in-house architectural services that understand a dome and know how to get the best results from our products.  We are now producing standard product drawings that will appear on the website and will continually expand as our offerings expand.  
  • We also look to develop relationships with other architects that have an interest and the ability to use curved walls and dome designs in their ultimate design.  This could be in collaboration with our architect or a one-off for a customer requirement.
  • As a customer, if you have a design that you wish to pursue but need an architect, please contact us.  In reviewing "How we do business" you will see how an architect interacts with the processes in building a Lexa Dome Home.



We wish to invite architects to contact us.  You should have an interest in using domes and curves walls and wish to understand our panel system and how it may be incorporated into your designs.

alt PDF - 2 Connected Domes








Lexa Dome Homes Ltd. is positioning itself as a global player supplying cost effective, green, sustainable and energy efficient homes to the housing sector.  In these uncertain times of climate change and global warming, the Lexa dome can give home owners additional security against earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, high winds and heavy snow loads.  Lexa does not produce the traditional geodesic domes but rather its architectural plans are primarily elliptical monolithic wooden domes providing the inner ceiling height not usually attained with geodesic and standard spherical domes.

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