Yarrow Eco-village

Chilliwack, BC 

The Yarrow Ecovillage, located in the southwest corner of the rural part of Chilliwack, B.C., is an exceptional combination of co-housing, sustainable living, farmland preservation, a live/work community and a mixed-use town center. The combination of three elements – living, working and farming – along with many other activities and amenities - learning, socializing, sharing, teaching, playing, visiting - will come together to provide a model for environmentally, economically and socially-sustainable lifestyles. The residential, co-housing community will be the first building block. Included in the co-housing community will be two dome houses now being built by their future occupants. www.yarrowecovillage.ca

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Lexa erected two, two storey Lexa Domes that are now completed and occupied.

Dome_Allan_Finalize_Elevation                   Dome_Shayne_Elevation


Dome_Allan_Finalize_Floor_Plan                    Dome_Shayne_Floor_Plan





Nelson Development

Nelson, BC
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Lexa erected a two storey Lexa Dome to be used for Spa and housing.     

Lexa also added a 16 x 24 foot ellipticall garage..

Dome_Elevation    Dome_Floor_Plan     Dome_Floor_Plan 2



Other Projects

  • Dec  2009   Full size recording studio in Maple Ridge
  • May  2012   Sound booth for Hearing centre
  • June 2012   Sound proof bedroom
  • July  2012   Home repairs
  • Aug  2012   Soundproof truck for remote recording - Ongoing





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