Though the economy has suffered a recent recession, there is currently an increasing demand for housing in many areas of Canada. It may in fact be the start of a full recovery for the housing market. We are ready to jump into a more broad housing market, bringing completely new and innovative designs to the marketplace.

The Lexa wooden dome structures are incredibly strong and durable. They are ideal in harsh environments like overly heavy snow loads, hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes. We will pursue the markets in these environments and promote the benefits of a dome home.


Kiosk in VisionWe are pursuing corporations such as the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders, to review our products with them and relate their advantages. Lexa also aims to make them aware of how the company can assist in disaster relief, providing permanent and semi-permanent structures in areas of the world that are in need. These shelters could be produced and erected quickly and would offer an alternative to the immediate housing needs of those affected by disaster, all the while offering a high degree of livability and security against the elements. 

There is continual focus on areas that have moderate-to-high incidences of earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados and we explain the positive aspects of our products - both as disaster relief and as permanent, RELIABLE homes in these areas. We key on possible customers, politicians, and insurance companies. This develops an understanding of how dome homes fill a void in housing that has not been properly addressed.

We contact cities and governments to showcase special structures (primarily kiosks and washrooms) for parks departments, cities, government, and housing authorities.

The residential construction industry is very large, diversified and in some cases dominated by a few companies. House designs and building methods cover a wide spectrum, from totally custom to prefabricated factory-produced structures.

We consider our products as unique and in a niche market. A market that, as of yet, has only a few players with a scope as vast and diverse as cultures in society. As stated previously, humans have been habitating in domes since the beginning of civilization and it seems only natural to bring them back and ideally more to the forefront again.

Though new companies come on the scene daily, Lexa is not aware of any current homebuilders that are considered real competition, giving Lexa a real competitive edge.


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