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BC (British Columbia) Residents: All homes in BC need to follow all HPO guidelines. Lexa Dome Homes is not a home builder in BC but will coordinate all activities to have a qualified builder build your home. You may also "Build by owner" in BC in which case the owner is responsible for all the construction activities. Lexa will only act as a supplier of the dome approved by a qualified structural engineer in BC and as a consultant for the building activities. Again all BC building code and HPO restrictions must be followed. Working with Lexa Dome Homes is a comfortable and open experience, with the company being fully upfront with you from start to finish.  From one of our basic shed kits to building a custom 3500 sq. foot home, we strive to be available to discuss your needs and be fair and reasonable in all the negotiations. There will not be any hidden agendas.
The founder and president of Lexa has personally performed every trade required to build a home.  He therefore has a keen insight into what the sub-trades require and how much time one should require. This is an integral factor in having Lexa keep sub-trades reasonable when bidding for work on your home.  He also has detailed knowledge of manufacturing in general, both in a hands-on capacity and in management. With his in-depth knowledge of the housing industry, business systems and manufacturing processes, he can make logical and well thought out decisions and continually pass that knowledge along to the rest of the Lexa group.
Lexa products and homes are always be kept at reasonable prices. We do not just blindly follow the industry standards of very broad square foot assessments, but look at each manufacturing and construction discipline required for each project individually, negotiating a fair and reasonable price for the customer and profit for Lexa Dome Homes and its sub-trades.


PHASE ONE: Contact and rough estimate


Step 1: Contact by either phone, email, fax or letter. Once contact is initiated a sales representative will be assigned to assist in all you needs. We use emails but prefer to have telephone conversations when possible. Telephone conversations create instant feedback, an interactive conversation, allowing us to get to a common ground much faster.

 Step 2: You need to decide on a size and basic layout of the home being considered. An exact floor plan is not necessary at this time, but a decision on how many floors and generally how large each room is to be should in place so a dome shell size can be chosen. This allows us to give you a rough quote on your project based on the information received.  In some cases we need more time to better assess what you wish to do.

 Step 3: Choosing dome sizes. Once the basic room sizes, location of the rooms and number of floors are decided upon we proceed to determine the actual dome shell size(s) that are suitable. This is where the initial phase of a contract is started. We need to schedule the dome shell manufacturing to meet you timetable for erection on site.

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