Benefits of Lexa Products


  • Benifits of Lexa ProductsDue to the curved shape of the domes, they withstand high winds, hurricanes and tornados substantially better than conventional houses.
  • They have proven high stability in earthquake zones. (See University of British Columbia’s seismic tests)
  • The domes withstand incredibly heavy snow load forces.
  • Using mill trim ends (when available) and recycled wood products (OSB) in the panel assembly make it ecologically friendly. (Reduced Cost, Environment)
  • It is a wood product and therefore a totally renewable resource. (Environment)
  • Using pre-made panels and consistent manufacturing processes makes for very fast on-site assembly.  (Reduced Labour cost)
  • Good platform for complimentary “going green” technologies. (Environment)
  • Manufacturing processes ensure proper shape and size of frame sections for high quality and repeatability of the entire dome.  (Less rework, less cost)
  • Stick frame is replaced with prefabricated curved wood panels that are aligned and stacked. (Speed, Less labour)
  • Second floor is simply installed and can be put in anytime after the dome's completion. (Less material, Less labour, Less cost)
  • Uses standard building practices and sub-trades, from the foundation to shingles.
  • The curved wood panels are assembled and erected on the building site. (Less labour, Less cost)
  • The focus is on the building site location and not a manufacturing location. (Lower Overhead, Less cost)


Customer cost savings

  • Energy-efficiency. Due to the shape of the dome, owners will save on heating and cooling costs.
  • The dome will cost less than traditional stick-frame buildings based on floor area comparisons. Compared with a similar-sized rectangular-shaped house, a dome home will have 30% less surface area and use about 30% less lumber.
  • Domes use less energy to heat and cool based on the above 30 % less wall surface area. It is also known that the natural convection of the curved walls will also add to the energy efficiency and save money.

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