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Note: For BC Residents please see how we do business. Lexa Dome Homes Ltd. is a new company that has borrowed and improved on an idea incorporating these ideas in its own new and exciting products. It is constantly looking for the better “mouse trap”.  Lexa Dome Homes Ltd. was formed by Axel Tischbein, someone with a keen, innovative and inventive mind, very in-depth knowledge of the housing industry in general, in-depth knowledge of the panel system developed, and hands-on experience for the actual erection of the domes.  He has made significant improvements to the panels, the panel assembly and introduced the complete housing model. .  

Axel came to home construction quite naturally. As a child and young adult in Ontario, he actively participated in the housing industry and many of the housing sub-trades. Building his own home on Vancouver Island, he acted as  the lead contractor and provided the labour for almost all of the sub-trades. He had since completed many home renovations, again providing most of the sub-trade labour himself. He worked in the manufacturing sector for the past 20 years, mostly in upper management roles, but has the direct hands-on experience and the skills to understand the processes required to produce a quality product. His ability to review and analyze manufacturing and business systems and processes, then change and improve them, has become his biggest asset.     

About the Product:  

about LexaRaces throughout the world have built and lived in round or curved structures for thousands of years. Lexa has brought domes, primarily a dome home, to a new sector of the world’s populous hungry for new, inventive, and green alternatives for living environments and industrial uses.

Again why a dome? The dome is actually a full circle of arches, the most recognizable and strongest load- bearing structures ever created. Have a look at the Roman ruins (aqueducts, roads, buildings) scattered throughout the old Roman Empire to see structures using the arch. Many of these are still in service today.  Our dome products are based on this arch design, and therefore are incredibly strong even though being made of wood.

Current dome structures are typically made of concrete or associated with the geodesic domes made popular in the 60’s and 70's. Many of these are made with a myriad of different materials. As stated before on this website, the Lexa domes are made of wood, and are clearly a renewable resource. The dome structure itself can be an ideal platform for renewable energy technologies. “Going green” just became much easier.

The Lexa domes are made with manufactured wooden curved panels that actually replace the framing component of stick frame construction. These panels are the key component of the dome. Due to the speed of erection (can be to lock-up in as little as 2 weeks) and the use of less material compared to the same floor area with standard stick frame construction, the Lexa dome is very cost efficient.

The focus of Lexa is on custom homes, standard product homes and cottages, and a general overall scope where the panel method for curved walls can be exploited. Though some products are aimed at a more economical home, the focus is on quality and functionality, not price. Please do not think of us as a quick and cheap home. Yes, they definitely can be more moderately priced than stick-frame homes but we create innovation and dramatically different homes that incorporate the best of all. 

Lexa also has an industrial component, designing products to encompass temporary and permanent industrial, commercial and farming products. This includes a basic garden shed, storage structures and garages. Most of these products will use a Quonset design, though the dome can be equally effective.

A library of drawings is available for a series of dome sizes, effectively creating an engineered product that can now be altered for the customers needs. Those alterations may or may not need additional engineering. We are developing  more drawings for standard homes and cottages creating a more off-the-shelf opportunity to reduce construction costs and the end user price. This includes a basic carraige house design for lane-way housing.

Lexa products are in three basic streams:

  1. Homes: Whether standard product or custom, we build dome homes or homes using curved walls.
  2. Industrial: Can be Quonset or Dome designs, but are meant for storage, garages, relief structures, sheds, band-shells, etc.
  3. General Purpose: Kiosks, park structures, gazebos, dome ceilings and curved walls etc. The general purpose is also used in renovating existing homes bringing a dome or curved wall feel to a home.


Construction of a Lexa product can vary from supplying only the dome shell, or a partial shell, to a full turn-key home or structure. Lexa Dome Home products are unique, some having quite amazing designs and often combining a myriad of other construction methods, in exactly the same way many stick-frame homes do. Do not assume your finished home will be simply a "dome." Just let the imagination run wild with possibilities and the fun begins.

Welcome to Lexa Dome Homes Ltd.

We suggest you review Going green and Technology.





Lexa Dome Homes Ltd. is positioning itself as a global player supplying cost effective, green, sustainable and energy efficient homes to the housing sector.  In these uncertain times of climate change and global warming, the Lexa dome can give home owners additional security against earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, high winds and heavy snow loads.  Lexa does not produce the traditional geodesic domes but rather its architectural plans are primarily elliptical monolithic wooden domes providing the inner ceiling height not usually attained with geodesic and standard spherical domes.


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