Message from the President


I’d like to personally thank you for viewing our website.

I’m extremely excited about this company and its prospects.  The sky is the limit! An old cliché, but it is making me feel young and positive about this venture. Surrounding myself with positive and energetic people, in partnerships, employees, sub-contractors etc, I’m learning from successful people, and wake up each day energized and ready to take on whatever comes.

For me, it was a fortuitous moment that led me on this path to building dome homes and I am very proud of what we bring to the housing industry - an alternative!  Though it parallels it in many ways, the Lexa dome is a true alternative to stick-frame construction that is considered the standard in North America and one that is now becoming popular in Europe too.

It’s time for a change!

Unlike most housing, the Lexa dome can withstand incredible earthquakes and snow load weights. Similarly, Lexa domes can tame the effects of very high winds, hurricanes and in some cases tornados. This strength and resiliency make a Lexa dome a very attractive option in many areas where the natural environment is unfriendly to standard housing construction.

In contrast to almost all other housing (including other dome manufacturers), Lexa domes can be to lock-up in as little as two weeks, with the actual dome structure built in as little as two days. They go up fast! Unlike most other housing, the repeatability and accuracy of construction is controlled by building the structure with pre-manufactured panels stacked in a very uniform method.

Unlike standard stick-frame construction, there are no roof trusses to slow the building process and add cost. Additional floors can even be added to the dome well after lock-up. Look through the website and you will find multiple reasons why our domes will cost less. Less material use and the type of materials used are only a few reasons.

It’s well documented that all domes are more energy efficient than traditional stick-frame homes, but a concentrated effort to make Lexa Domes Homes the most green and sustainable housing products anywhere is what truly set us apart.  

Our homes are unique. Some as simple as a spherical dome, others as diverse as 4 or 5 domes of various heights all conjoined to form a landscape of rolling hills.  Wouldn't that be something!   Our homes are being designed to fit in any environment, even deep within a big city.

I enjoyed twenty 20 years in manufacturing, primarily in the hi-tech industry, gaining management and business skills that I needed in an entrepreneurial enterprise. After the collapse of the Vancouver hi-tech industry in 2001, I was fortunate enough to be able to use my skill-sets in more varied industries. This gave me even more insight into what I considered “the what to do and what not to do” in business.   This new enterprise not only gives me the ability to use those skills, but also brings me back to building houses - something I have truly enjoyed so many times in my life. Now I’m building them with a unique twist or should I say arc.

Please go through the website and when left with thoughts or questions feel free to send an email or make a phone call.  I would truly enjoy hearing from you. Consider for a moment feeling the security, comfort and warmth of a bright and open dome environment, something different, something unique, something special.

My chance is here and I am not looking back.  Join me on this journey.  I’m sure my excitement will be infectious.

Thank you.

 Axel Tischbein                                                                                                                                                Founder and President                                                                                                                                  Lexa Dome Homes Ltd.


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