Welcome to Lexa Dome Homes Ltd.  We manufacture wooden domes with engineered arcing panels that replace the framing component of conventional stick-frame construction.  We are a contractor, capable of building complete homes and structures using domes, stick-frame construction, and the standard industry sub-trades all using the regional building codes.

Positioned as a global player, we supply cost effective, green, sustainable and energy efficient homes.  In these uncertain times of climate change and global warming, the Lexa domes give home owners additional security against earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, high winds and heavy snow loads.  Lexa does not produce the traditional geodesic domes, but rather its architectural plans are primarily elliptical monolithic wooden domes that provide an inner ceiling height not usually attained with geodesic and standard spherical domes.

Lexa disclaimer for BC (British Columbia) residents !!  (click on highlighted words) 

Why a Dome

  • They have proven high stability in earthquake zones.  (See reference to University of British Columbia’s seismic tests).
  • Clear energy saving advantages.  Savings in energy usage up to 30 %. See Going Green.
  • Due to their shape they withstand high winds, hurricanes and tornados substantially better than conventional housing.
  • The domes are incredibly strong and can withstand incredibly heavy snow load forces.
  • Domes have been coined holistic and inspirational, creating natural energy by their shape.  The relaxing ambience inside curved living areas and domes can be calming and therapeutic.
  • They compliment natural environments.
  • There are no roof trusses to slow the building process or waste space.

Why Lexa

  • Lexa specializes in curved living spaces and variations of a wooden dome.
  • Lexa is the only company in North America that can supply and build the dome home using this panel system.
  • Lexa has home projects currently underway.
  • Lexa homes are less cost (up to 30 %) based on conventional homes with the same square footage.  See Going Green
  • Lexa domes have very fast on-site assembly, reducing labour costs using the pre-made panels that are aligned and stacked.
  • Lexa promotes and uses green technology.
  • Lexa strives to introduce and make elliptical domes commonplace.

Additional Lexa Advantages

  • Consistent manufacturing processes ensure proper shape and size of frame sections for high quality and repeatability of the entire dome.
  • A second and third floor can be added once the dome is completely erected and the building is finished to lock-up.
  • We use standard building practices and sub-trades from the foundation to shingles, so there are no special requirements.
  • The curved wood panels can be assembled on the building site reducing shipping costs.
  • The market demand for efficient and cost-effective building methods.
  • The competitive edge with limited players in the market.
  • Niche market - Lexa products are truly unique.
  • The core competency of the employees. Familiarity with overall manufacturing, management, house building, and dome construction.
  • Able to produce architecturally marvelous homes and buildings that flaunt luxury and beauty.
  • Flexibility in design, floor plans, use of materials etc.


Why Elliptical

Traditional domes are spherical often geodesic and therefore lack the interior height and striking environment created by an elliptical dome.  The panel system allows for elliptical domes to be built quickly, effectively and with the same structural results a spherical dome.  One clear advantage of the height attained in elliptical domes is the ability to add 2nd and 3rd floors and still have incredible dome height.  Elliptical domes are much harder to design and engineer than spherical and Lexa has a very clear understanding in how to produce them.  The engineering is proven and repeatable.




Current Projects

ProjectWelcome to the Yarrow Eco Village project.  Please click below to review more projects currently underway.

Review the Current Projects

Review the Current projects

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